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Hot KL expat ladies for 69 lovers

Best expat girls of Malaysia, perfectly skilled in 69

Best expat girls of Malaysia, perfectly skilled in 69

Do you live in Kuala Lumpur? Or maybe are you just staying here for some period of time, having arrived alone? Are you into gorgeous ladies? Are you also a bit bored with endless amount of Asians around? Then we know what you should do: here’s our escort agency, offering you expat ladies for all kinds of services.

You probably have no idea how many expat girls are here, having come to Malaysia from Western Europe long ago, for work or fun, and later having decided to stay here because they really liked Kuala Lumpur and didn’t want to come back. So, we pick the finest ladies for our list, all flawless and groomed, rocking blonde hair and shining blue eyes, showing off their sexy smooth bodies and long legs! Now we bet you’d like to know what they can do in bed – believe us they can do anything you fancy! If you pick one, your night together is going to be unforgettable, wild and daring, with 69, traditional, oral and much more.

To those who don’t want to limit their experience to just sex, no matter how great it is, we can also suggest spending the daytime with your date and letting her give you a professional tour around the city. Whatever you’re keen on, the lady will be happy to show it to you, for she’s an expat and lives here.

Also, our girls are great to accompanying you at soirees and ceremonies, so if you are hosting or attending one, why not amaze everyone with your date cutie, looking like a model and smiling like a star of Hollywood! She’s well-trained and polite, can keep up any talks and never gives any trouble!

Now, grab your cell and call us – you don’t want to keep our ladies awaiting any longer, do you?


Meet your hot expat date in Kuala Lumpur for the best 69 ever

Meet your hot expat date in Kuala Lumpur for the best 69 ever

If you live or stay in KL, you’re probably used of seeing and meeting tons of Asian gals every single day. They are cute and charming indeed, but what if you feel like some completely different company? If you do, here we are – a respectable escort agency working with expat ladies!

Most expat girls stay in Malaysia because this country gives them really good opportunities for making money and also enjoying the warm climate and a really cool and exiting city. We work with European expats many of whom rock that typical model look: tall and in great shape, with flawless faces and hair, each of them could be on the cover of a fashion magazine tomorrow, and each of them can become yours, right now!

Loyal clients prefer to offer our expat girls when they want to have a tour around the city or just don’t feel like dining or going out alone. Your expat date will be lovely and discreet, polite like a true lady and well-mannered, always ready to keep up a conversation or stay quiet and just smiling, should you wish so. She will also impress your friends and partners greatly if you decide to take her out like a girlfriend of yours.

Those not willing to stop right here can take their date to a chic hotel room and carry on with getting to know each other better, making hot Kuala Lumpur nights even hotter! These girls are skilled at everything, from missionary to 69, so turn off the lights and get started!

Brilliant looks, warm and caring attitude, incredible skills in bed – what else can a man wish for? Call us right now and let us take care of the rest!


Sexy expat cuties in Malaysia, for all 69 lovers

Sexy expat cuties in Malaysia, for all 69 lovers

Have you ever wondered what it’s going to be like, meeting a hot model-looking European girl in the city which is totally Asian in every way? Impossible is now becoming quite possible with our help: we are an agency of escort serviced working with European expat girls ready to please gentlemen in Malaysia.

Why do expats come to Kuala Lumpur? In most cases they just want to make money and enjoy living in a climate much nicer than in Europe, also some of them are just really into living in Asia, never willing to come back. We find and hire young and really attractive girls representing the classy model style – long legs, sexy figures and angelic faces. You have probably seen such girls before wishing one of them could become yours – so now it’s the highest time to make your wish come true!

Our ladies are passionate and daring, they are really into all kinds of sex, from traditional style to things like 69 and more, so don’t be afraid to tell them about your secret desires and enjoy making them real!

If you are willing to get more than a smoking hot night, you’re welcome to have your date accompanying you at soirees and dinners, seeing sights or checking out clubs and other places of fun. You could never guessed before how cool you’re going to feel, walking down the streets with an amazing chic lady of European looks and getting everyone’s attention and jealousy!

Also, our ladies are courteous and discreet, never too nosy or annoying or high-maintenance – they ask for nothing but having you around and pleasing you. Give them such a chance and call immediately!


Horny expats in KL cannot wait to 69 you right now

Horny expats in KL cannot wait to 69 you right now

To all the locals and tourists of KL, really wishing to try something new – here are our brilliant expat ladies ready to provide you all kinds of escort services right away! Our agency offers a broad choice of ladies, all young, attractive and top professional.

What makes our agency truly special is the ability to work with independent escort girls staying in Malaysia for different reasons. You will be surprised by how many expat girls are ready to meet you in Kuala Lumpur right away, no matter what district you’re staying at or what time you’re calling.

So, there’s probably no need to tell you about how stunning European girls are – just think of those you’ve seen in movies, magazines and commercials, now check out our list and see that our ladies are exactly as hot!

Imagine such a drop-dead gorgeous lady in your apartment, wearing nothing but arousing underwear and all dying to welcome you in the paradise of sex with all the positions, from classy to 69 and everything – why aren’t you dialing our number yet?

Or suppose any of our gals can make you a lovely company during the day, exploring the city or just chilling together at a chic restaurant or a club. Another option is to get her all dolled up and take out to a party or evening out with your work partners, becoming the centre of attention in no time and making everyone’s jaws drop down to the ground!

All the gals are nice and well-trained, funny and smart, knowing when to speak and when not to, doing everything to please the man of their lives whom you’re just about to become! Make your choice and make your call – why wait?


Hot KL expat ladies for 69 lovers Hot KL expat ladies for 69 lovers Hot KL expat ladies for 69 lovers Hot KL expat ladies for 69 lovers Hot KL expat ladies for 69 lovers


Looking for something exotic in KL? Here are our expat ladies of escort, willing to please you with the best 69 ever. This night is going to be smoking hot!


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